Meet Jennifer

My name is Jennifer Kelton, and I’m the founder and CEO of the popular online dating community, Bad Online Dates. As the natural follow-up to my humorous and touching 2006 book,Don’t Use My Sweater Like A Towel, the site has provided ongoing dating encouragement and support to the online dating community worldwide since 2007.


As a prior student of Otis Parsons School of Design, I’m also an accomplished fashion entrepreneur. I designed and launched some of the world’s first eco-friendly fashion clothing lines. The company gained national and international distribution and included private-label lines for numerous accounts, such as The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, as well as specialty merchandise for major recording artists, which include Blues Traveler and Phish.


Dress for the Date is a creative blend of my talents and passions. Drawing on my vast experience in dating and fashion, I provide a unique perspective on how the right date outfit can make all the difference when looking for love.


Of course, the right accessories can complete your look and enhance your personal style. Dress for the Date’s jewelry line features rare, unique, one of a kind, and old pawn finds that will add a special touch to your outfit. Every item is hand-picked exclusively by me from around the world. Think of me as your personal treasure hunter.


When you wear these incredibly special finds, be prepared to make an original and show stopping statement. Each handmade piece embodies the history and romance of its original locale. An intriguing story lies behind every item, making it make the perfect conversation piece for your own date style.


Dress for the Date’s online shop showcases one-of-a-kind jewelry for women and men. Available merchandise changes often, as only one of each extraordinary piece is carried. Newly curated treasures from my travels will be added periodically to the collection.


Want to learn more about me? View my online press kit.