Here’s what we’ve done for others…and what we can do for you.

“Charlie” (Actual Client)


Charlie ended up staying within his budget and spent $783 for his new date outfits, which included a pair of new brown boots, a dark purple sweater, a black leather belt and four button up shirts.

“Megan” (Actual Client)


Megan told me her budget was $200 for her wardrobe makeover. She went from a very casual day look to an instant confident hot look.

“As Jen’s personal friend, and with our vast shared experiences as long time entrepreneurs and pioneers in the dating industry I’m thrilled for her expansion of the BOD brand, with Dress for the Date. I highly recommend her and the DFTD service.”Julie Spira, Online Dating Expert/Founder,

“BadOnlineDates’ service Dress For The Date is such a great idea!! How often are we stuck not knowing what to wear? I always say put your best foot forward and I was challenged to do just that! They worked closely with me to sort through my go to pieces and determine what looks best on me and my body type in order to bring out my best features. I highly recommend all levels of the DFTD services to anyone who is dating. Let Dress for the Date bring out the best in you! They certainly helped me!!”

Suzie, Dating Expert,


“It’s not often someone tells me that I dress like a bozo. And, to be clear, Jennifer said nothing of the sort. But as she went off on how many guys seem to put themselves together for a date it was clear that I’m doing it wrong aka not nailing it… Yes, I kinda dress like a jerk. Sweat shirts, flip flops, not shaving, not getting any second dates.

“We met up via Skype so Jennifer could give her expert consultation. I’ll be frank here because I realized in the moments leading up to our consult that I really had nothing in my closet. At least I thought so. Within 15 minutes Jennifer had come up with some awesome suggestions based on things I already had. Ties that I only wear with suit and a blazer that I don’t wear because I feel like a pretentious turd and a Cubano shirt my mom bought me that I only have so I can wear it when I visit… Guess what? I looked good. Really $%^&*in good. It might sound disturbing but I would have made out with me. In all seriousness I did look good and I had the perfect outfit for date number one with a gal a couple days later.

“Jenn is a star and she helped make sure I didn’t dress like a jerk. True story.”

Alex Vasquez, Managing Editor, The Urban Dater

“My 30 minutes of hand-holding with Jennifer was pure magic! Not only did she give me incredibly insightful fashion tips for a first date, she also gave me the confidence I needed to seriously get back in the dating game. As a single mom on a budget, I really appreciated that we worked with pieces I already had in my closet. Love that her service is affordable and practical to the everyday dater.”

Melysa Schmitt, Founder of


“Firstly, I want to make it very clear, I HATE shopping and even more, shopping for clothes so I was wary to book a whole night of shopping with Jennifer but I desperately needed a wardrobe update and I’ve been aware that my clothes are just not that suitable for dating.

“I also don’t have big budgets to spend in general so Jennifer suggested we meet first at Ross to see what we could find. Jennifer arrived before me and asked for my size before I got there. Once I arrived, she had already scoped the store out and had found a couple of shirts that made sense to me and my style. Within less than 1 hour, we found almost an entire wardrobe for a little over $200. She advised me on mix and matching the various clothes and in the end, I now have several different and stylish options.

“We moved on from there to find a nice belt and jacket which Ross didn’t have so we went to Century City. Within moments, we found a great belt at Banana Republic (on sale) and a very cool casual jacket at The Gap (also on sale!). At the end of the day, I had a whole new wardrobe for less than $350 which is amazing in itself.

“I added (by Jennifer’s suggestion) a nice watch which was sorely needed and again, she found a store for me that had a superb watch on sale for $150 (this was my biggest expense and since my last watch was bought in 2002, it was about time to invest!)

“All in all, Jennifer has great insight to what works fashion wise and will not force you to wear something you don’t feel 100% comfortable wearing.”

Steve Collins, Client

“I tried ‘The Ultimate Date’ package with Dress for the Date founder and dating stylist, Jennifer Kelton. We had a 15-minute pre-call to plan the shopping session. We determined since I’m out quite a bit, our strategy would be to find outfits to attract the perfect date rather than shopping for a single date. Then we embarked on a shopping excursion that lasted several hours which included happy hour. We discussed different looks – ‘the sexy secretary’ to attract potential business types to classy dresses for high-profile events. I enjoyed shopping with Jennifer who was a whiz at picking out pieces and she could quickly determine what colors looked good on me. She also got me to try things I normally wouldn’t have tried. During happy hour, we talked about dating strategies including location-based apps besides the ‘traditional’ online dating. I recommend Dress for the Date even if it’s just to get feedback on potential outfits but I’d splurge to get the personalized experience.”

The Minty