Men’s Attire: What To Wear on A Date

men's attire what to wear on date

Are you planning to go out on a date with a beautiful young lady? Dress like a man and present yourself elegantly before the lady who could very well be your future life partner. Your men’s attire should be such that makes you look good and presentable and creates an impression that you take her seriously. To women, appearance, looks, and physical attraction spark a deep interest. So you don’t want to show up in your lucky sneakers or college hoodie that may make the first date your last.  Remember, she will be spending adequate time to make herself presentable to you, so all you have to do is return the favor by dressing up elegantly to look your best – with a perfect aura and looks.

Making a Choice

It’s nice to start on the right foot. Your choice of men’s attire should be such that says you want to be comfortable and have fun. Avoid clothing or flashy accessories that draw too much attention toward themselves. Remember, you are going out on a date, not to a runway fashion show, and you want to look sharp, approachable, confident, and easy-going.

A fitted collared shirt with jeans makes up a great date outfit for men. Combine this outfit with a pair of shoes to look cool and sophisticated. This is exactly what most girls want to see.

An unstructured cotton jacket, looks great as men’s attire for a spring date. Combine them with a pair of leather driving shoes that are extremely comfortable also great for walking and ideal for a first date when nerves are running high. The outfit not only looks smart, but also lightweight and moldable, making you feel relaxed in every way.

A lightweight cotton long-sleeve button down shirt is a perfect date outfit for men. If you want to add some personality, choose a striped, gingham, or fine-checked shirt to let your personality shine through. Pair them with a great pair of black jeans and be ready to look awesome.

A shirt with some sort of pattern or texture attracts attention. Since patterns are a reflection of your personality, choose either a subtle pattern or a bold one with a colorful pinstripe, depending on your taste and style preference.

A fashionable shirt with a pair of smart trousers and stylish jacket is the appropriate men’s attire for a date at a swanky restaurant. You may choose to wear your favorite tie to make the look more formal, and if you are going later to a movie or and feel overdressed for a
date, remove the suit jacket and tie to show off your casual shirt.

If you are in love with T-shirts, make sure you avoid garish colors or bad slogans.. Ideally the shoes should be around the same color as your belt and match the outfit. Dressing for a date does not mean putting fashion before comfort. Remember, your men’s attire for date should be comfortable to wear and not restrict your movement.


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