Dream Date Dress Up

dream date dress up

Your first date is just around the corner and you are gearing up to wow him with your cuteness. Certainly you wish to make yourself the coolest girl in his eyes. Well, all you need to do is pick the right dress, accessories, and hair style in order to win the heart of your prince charming. It’s always fun to get some practice before the D-day, isn’t it? And what better way to practice than to play this cool dream date dress up game?

The game gives you all the tools and accessories in the world to experiment with and dress up a charming girl in her dream boy’s style. You are simply going to enjoy playing this fun dream date dress up game while getting some dressing up ideas for yourself. When you know what guys look for in their dream girls, you cannot go wrong in choosing the perfect outfit that will simply rock on your D-day!

Style Her the Dream Boy Way

When you start playing, the guy shows an image of his dream girl at the beginning. Just memorize every single detail about his likings and style and recreate the magic of the dream girl by using the same style to dress up the girl, who is trying hard to impress her prince charming. Your final score will depend on how accurately you dress up the girl as per the dream boy style.

Pay close attention to his tastes, and style the girl accordingly to dazzle him. The cool game gives you plenty of choices to make. Use the mouse to select the ideal match of outfit and accessories. Just click on the tools, including scissors, flat iron, curlers, round brush, hair color, hairdryer, and extensions, to style the hair and find out which hairstyle will simply rock with the outfit and give her the dream girl look!

Find the perfect look for this choosy cutie by experimenting with different outfits, hair styles, and accessories in the dream date dress up game. Choose from a diverse selection of dressing instruments, dresses, and boots from the closet to dress up the girl and give her the look that her guy loves. Mix and match, pick the right shoes, select the perfect colors and patterns, and your cutie will be ready to look simply amazing.  What’s more, there is an accuracy check to see if you are right on track or lacking in accuracy to meet the boy’s desired style. Nevertheless, you always have another chance to give it a try again and earn next date with the guy.

Ideas for You

The dream date dress up game is all about using your mouse to dress up an animated cutie for her date in a style her guy wants to see.

When you are done with the game, you certainly have plenty of ideas for dressing yourself up for the D-day to leave your guy impressed. After all, you have just experimented with some great dressing up and styling ideas. As the mistress of your fashion destiny, you can try some trendy outfits and match them with fashionable accessories to dress up in an impressive way. So are you ready to have some fun?


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