Evening Attire for Men

evening attire for men

The much-awaited dinner date has arrived, and it’s time to choose the most elegant evening attire for men. So what are you wearing to impress your girl? From a casual rendezvous to a romantic candle-lit dinner, an impressive suit is the key to making a great impression on your date!. Dressing for the evening date is really easy. If you are looking for a relaxed yet stylish look, there are plenty of fantastic dinner date attire options to make a great first impression on your dream girl.

Here are a few evening dress tips to help you get started and to look great.

  • Layer your knitwear with a black suit jacket and add a pair of matching dress shoes to impress your date. Black is the most popular color for evening attire for men. Your outfit will look elegant, well put together and formal.
  • Pick a white tuxedo shirt with a pleated front and a fold over collar. Match it up with a black suit with one button placket. Make sure the back and front of the coat are of the same length with satin lapels. You may choose either a tuxedo vest or a colored cummberbund for the special occasion. If you choose the vest, stick with black. Bright colors look terrible. The trouser should be of the same material as the jacket, with a stripe of the same satin as on the lapels on each trouser leg. Pair the attire with long woolen or silk black socks and black leather dress shoes. It is ok to skip the watch, especially for a black tie dress code. With this evening attire, you are all set to rock your date and make a great impression!
  • Wear a classic dark suit instead of the tuxedo, if your budget doesn’t allow splurging much on the date attire, match a grey pattern tie and white shirt. Though you may choose to add bright colored elements in the necktie, a simple dark suit will look more elegant with a nice muted tie. A classic tailored suit with subtle accessories will make a subtle yet strong statement.
  • Put on a quality collar shirt of a color of your choice beneath a matching sweater and combine it with slacks and dressy shoes. Sporting a tie will complete the outfits look.
  • Throw on a tailored jacket for a fancy night out. Dark neutral fabric works great for eveningwear. Layering it with a matching vest will add texture, class and style.

Remember, when you are choosing evening attire for men, try to keep it timeless, classic, and tasteful. Whether you go for a formal suit or tux, avoid anything that comes in a shiny, brightly-colored fabric. Try not to get too much involved into matching your date too closely. Whatever you choose to wear, the most important part of the evening attire for men is your demeanor toward your girl and how you carry yourself on your date.

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